Our Hanger Policy

The number one question we are asked, possibly because our method is different from other consignment stores, is why must they arrive on hangers? There is a long list of reasons as to why we ask this but mainly its to ensure that all pieces brought in for consignment look their very best. #1 – […]

What we accept in March & April

Every day we are asked what we are currently accepting, more often than not consignors assume we operate the way the mall does, a season in advance. At the mall you are looking at your dead heat of summer clothing, clothing you won’t be able to wear for another few months. Odds are you are […]

How to Consign Jewellery

Did you know we also accept costume jewellery on consignment as well as clothing and accessories? The process for consigning jewellery is a little bit different to clothing and has its own pricing system. How to Bring in Your Jewellery Polish up any sterling or 925 silver pieces so they are crisp and shiny. Any […]