Our Hanger Policy

The number one question we are asked, possibly because our method is different from other consignment stores, is why must they arrive on hangers? There is a long list of reasons as to why we ask this but mainly its to ensure that all pieces brought in for consignment look their very best.

#1 – Cleanliness

Within moments we can look over your items and see if they are suitable for resale when they are hanging. Stains and rips are easily visible when items are hanging.

#2 – Pressed, Ironed & Steamed

Your items will look as new and crisp as possible to go out on the sales floor. Hangers ensures that you have freshly washed, ironed or pressed your items before bringing them in.

#3 – Organization

In order to have each consignor in and out as quickly as possible, hangers allows us to keep everyone organized. We divide each consignor’s items to ensure we keep track of who is who and by order of arrival.

#4 – Cost Effective

The nicer items look when they arrive, the more pristine and sharp they look on a hanger the greater the price we can put on the item and therefore more money in your pocket. If items are brought in bags they inevitably have fold lines, wrinkles and do not look their best.

#5 – Back pain

Last but certainly not least (for us!) is that we cannot bend over and lift over one thousand pieces of clothing a day to see if they are items we can accept. Hangers relieves this huge issue by making it that much easier for everyone involved.