The Nitty Gritty How To’s of Consignment

Before bringing your items ask yourself all the nitty-gritty questions that we check for…

  • Are all clothing items freshly washed, free of stains, rips and tears?

Our shoppers want to wear the items today! Unlike thrift and second hand stores we pride ourselves on having closely inspected, curated inventory that can be worn without having to do the extra work.

  • Have I cleaned out all footwear and polished the exterior?

We tend to forget our shoes have been sitting in a bin or closet for some time collecting dust. Make sure to wipe them inside and out with a wet cloth or wet nap so they look their best!

  • Is there deodorant in the under arms? Is it sparkly on the outside of the arm pit?

The number one over-looked issue with clothing that is brought in for consignment. Even if you only tried it on once, wore it once, odds are there’s going to be deodorant in the under arms. Many deodorants now also leave a “sparkly” finish on the outside of the garment. Be sure to use spray ‘n wash on these areas!

  • Have I double checked the side crotch for stains?

We hate to make you blush, but its something that does happen.

  • Did I buy this item new within the last two years from a regular retail store?

Second hand and thrift are not considered regular retail stores. When we say “purchased in the last two years” we mean “purchased new at the mall” in the last two years.

  • Is this item still in style? (skinny leg, boyfriend cut, high waisted are sought after currently) 

This doesn’t mean your jeans from the 80’s that are “back in style” or “classic”. Our clientele wants last years (or this years!) cut.

  • Is this item considered vintage? Was it made in the last two years?

As per the above statement, our clientele wants to buy what’s at the mall now they just don’t want to pay the retail price! Vintage does not sell for us at all.

  • Are all articles of clothing pressed and hanging on hangers?

Our number one rule is that the clothing MUST be brought into the store hanging on your own hangers. This is the rule most people find confusing, in order to ensure items look their very best for resale they must be pressed, wrinkle free, clean and hanging when they arrive. Everything in our store is hanging, yes even sweaters and jeans! Your clothing must be on the hangers when you arrive at the store, you will not be permitted to hang your items upon arrival as this defeats the purpose of the hangers.

  • Did I just roll all the clothing on hangers into a hamper or garbage bag?

BIG no no! We understand its a challenge to carry items on hangers but its easier if you A) put them in a garment bag and hold the hanger necks or B) carry smaller loads by the hanger necks. Do not overload yourself. Folding clothing on hangers into a laundry hamper or garbage bag completely defeats the purpose of the hangers.

  • Are all my shoes and purses in a grocery or canvas bag? 

After cleaning your items, place them all in one larger grocery bag (that you do not require back preferably) this ensures that your items do not get lost amongst other drop offs.

  • Have I checked all zippers, snaps, buttons, pockets and fixtures

All clothing, shoes and purses need to have working zippers (some items may be rejected if the zippers are too finicky), pull tabs, snaps and buttons. Be sure to check every pocket to ensure you have left nothing behind *ahem… kleenex!*

What will get the most dollar value:

  • Clean and polished footwear
  • No signs of pilling (you can remove with a pill comb or trim with scissors)
  • New items with tags still attached
  • Sought after brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, Sandwich, Part Two, Lululemon, Joseph Ribkoff, Frank Lyman, Roots, Fly London
  • Cowboy boots in great condition
  • Designer bags in great condition (free of pen and lipstick marks)
  • Fun and unique style shoes and boots